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Rules and Regulation


The University regulations require minimum of 75% attendance in class. Maximum weightage is given to attendance in class for promotion to the higher class, admission to the university examination and all matters that may come up for consideration.
For long and repeated absences which could affect the required percentage, the student must take a prior permission from the principal. In case of illness, the medical certificates, prescriptions and bills covering the period of illness must be submitted. If a student does not appear for practical test exams, he/she is liable to be debarred from appearing for his/her university exams, as per University rules.


The fee structure strictly follows the recommendation of the Higher Education Council, Govt. of West Bengal.

Course Monthly Fees (in Rs.)
B.A. (General) 50
B.A. (Honours) 75
B.Com. (General) 60
B.Com (Honours) 85
B.Sc. (General) 85
B.Sc. (Honours) 110

The students having Geography as a combination subject shall pay Rs. 85.00 as tution fee per month.

The monthly fees are to be deposited within the 15th day of each month, failing which a fine of Re. 1/- per day will be charged.


The following stipends are provided to the students :
1. Sc/st/obc stipend (by sc/st/obc Welfare Department)
2. Handicapped stipend (by Mass Education Centre)
3. Bidi-Shramik stipend
4. Fishermen Co-operative stipend
5. Mohassin / Waqf stipend


Each student must take his/her identity card after admission. This card has to be compulsorily presented at the time of borrowing books from the library, playing games in the common room, taking apparatus from the laboratory, attending social functions etc.

In case of loss of the identity card, the Principal must be informed immediately. A new identity card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/-
In case of transfer or withdrawal from the college, this card must be returned to the college office.

Instructions for Students

1. Always carry your Identity Card.
2. Do not bring / entertain outsiders in the college campus.
3. Never enter the classroom until the bell to end the previous class has been rung.
4. Do not loiter or gather in the corridors during the class hours.
5. Keep the noise level low if a professor is late and other classes are going on.
6. Keep the college and the class rooms neat and clean.
7. Submit letters clarifying reasons for your absence in classes or tests signed by your guardians.
8. Read the notices carefully everyday.
9. Vehicles are not pemitted inside the college premises. All bikes and cycles must be kept in the cycle-shed.
10. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student using unfair means during examinations.
11. Smoking and any types of intoxication is strictly prohibited inside the college premises.
12. 75% attendance is necessary for appearing University Examinations.